July 8th, 2017

Total War: Rome 2’s patch 7 goes live, claimed as most significant yet

Rome 2 gore
It might be a big patch, but that’s no reason to lose your head.

Sega and Creative Assembly have released patch 7 for Total War: Rome 2, and they’re claiming it’s the “most signifcant gameplay-enhancing patch yet.” Bold words!

Still, if it does everything it’s supposed to, they might not be entirely wrong. The big changes are to the AI (particularly in terms of siege and settlement battles, but also in terms of how it constructs its armies) and to high-end optimisation, meaning that Extreme graphics should now run quite a bit quicker than they did before. There’s also a load of unit rebalancing, some general bug fixes, and the like.

As is tradition, I present you with my favourite patch note – although in this case, it’s actually from the Known Issues section. “Dog handlers will try to melee attack whenever their dogs enter melee, resulting in the handlers running towards the enemy unit that the dog is attacking, and often being killed.” The bond between man and beast is clearly very strong, in Total War: Rome 2.

The patch should automatically download on Steam now. You can read the full patch notes over here.

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