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Crashes are always such a pain. They affect games of all types, even those that are mostly re-releases of something that’s been out for years. Total War: Rome Remastered has been causing some users to have their fair share of crashes, so the newly released patch 2.01 will hopefully reduce the frequency of these. And hopefully won’t break anything else. The patch includes stability fixes, as well as adjustments to the game’s localization, audio, visuals, gameplay, and more. On top of this, players can expect even more extensive patches in the future, as developer Creative Assembly moves closer towards the game’s final form.

Since the main reason for Total War: Rome Remastered patch 2.01 is to fix crashes, those are understandably at the top of the patch list. The game would sometimes crash during save attempts in the midst of an AI-only campaign, as well as crash when players had animal units try to cross bridges. General improvements to the game’s stability were also made to make for fewer one-off crashes, aka, those random ones that you can’t explain but they make you just as angry. There are also several improvements that have been made to various language localizations. There isn’t anything on the English front, though.


Total War: Rome Remastered patch 2.01 — not just crash fixes

Additionally, there are even more fixes included with Total War: Rome Remastered patch 2.01. The voices of female barbarians could be heard from male barbarian units before, but that’s been patched out. There was also an issue affecting Merchant followers descriptions not showing. Compensation has been tweaked, too, and now factions that start wars now owe more compensation to defending factions. With guard mode enabled, units would occasionally face the wrong direction. Not great for a do-or-die battle, I know, but that has been fixed as well. Modders will also no longer have to worry about mods getting deleted if updates fail.

You can read the full patch notes here on the Total War official site.

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