Total War Rome Remastered Release Date

Sega and Creative Assembly announced today that Rome: Total War is getting the remaster treatment very soon. Total War: Rome Remastered, set for an April 29 release date, will bring all-new content and updated visuals to the 2004 hit. Eager fans can pre-order the game today. Those who already own the original Rome: Total War on Steam are eligible for a special discount.

Sega and Creative Assembly partnered with Feral Interactive to deliver this fresh take on a Total War classic. For those who are unfamiliar, the original strategy game saw players in Ancient Rome’s imperial period. Players used real-time battles and turn-based campaigns to manage a Roman faction and ultimately take control of the empire. Rome was the third game in the Total War franchise, but the first to implement the free 3D map movement seen in the rest of the series. As such, Creative Assembly felt Rome: Total War deserved a remaster.


“What better excuse than the 20th year of Total War to revisit a grand master?” Creative Assembly Chief Product Officer Rob Bartholomew said in a press release. “The original release of Rome marks a special time for us as our first major break-out title. It’s amazing to get the opportunity to remaster it with our friends at Feral.”

The news came with a cinematic live action trailer that urges fans to “take back your empire.” Check it out below.

What to expect from Total War: Rome Remastered

Total War: Rome Remastered will deliver everything fans loved about the original but with updated technology. The game supports 4K visuals and “overhauled environment, battlefield, and character models.” There are also new features, like heat maps and tactical maps, as well as improved gameplay mechanics. The remaster will include both of the original expansions, Barbarian Invasion and Alexander, plus 16 brand new factions.

Total War: Rome Remastered is available for pre-order today via Steam, the Feral Store, and the Rome Remastered Store. If you already own Rome: Total War on Steam, you can receive 50% off  Total War: Rome Remastered before its release date. Get ready to take back the empire on April 29.

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