Creative Assembly have put up a few more details about their new Total War Saga line, clarifying one or two things. This is much more of a structural thing than information about which period of history the first game will be set.

    The article confirms that games released under the Total War Saga name will be stand-alone. You won’t require any prior Total War titles to play them, and this first one is not campaign DLC for Rome 2 or Attila. Pricing will “depend on retailers”, but it’ll cost the same sort of amount as prior standalones like Fall of the Samurai, Napoleon, and Attila. The latter was basically a full price release.

    According to Creative Assembly, they now consider there to be three different types of historical Total War game. ‘Eras’ (major, massive releases like Rome 2 or Empire), ‘Characters’ (stand-alone era spin-offs focusing on important figures in history like Napoleon), and ‘Sagas’ (stand-alone era spin-offs looking at a pivotal event in history like Fall of the Samurai).

    It looks like just a change in branding, splitting the era spin-offs into two distinct branches. This first ‘Saga’ will be a “spiritual follow-up” to Rome 2. The blurry coastline behind the one Total War Saga image released to date may well be Ireland.

    So, the three historical titles being worked on by CA at present are as follows: a major release in a brand new era (no release date, presumably a long way off), a Total War Saga somewhat related to Rome 2 (no release date for this either, but seems like it will be well before the next major historical era release), and a campaign pack for either Rome 2 or Attila (due later in 2017).

    Peter Parrish

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