Total War: Shogun 2, US Pre-Order Gubbins

Does anybody aside from retailers actually like pre-order bonuses? Your answer is probably irrelevant, because they will continue to happen as long as retailers exist.
Forthcoming Creative Assembly strategy-fest Total War: Shogun 2 has some US-based ones associated with Best Buy and GameStop respectively. These are they:
Best Buy: If you pre-order the game in-store from these fellows, then you’ll receive a bonus 1,000 Koku (currency) with which to begin your campaign for Japanese supremacy. I’m not exactly sure if the exchange rate in the sequel will be the same as in the first, but in that game 1,000 Koku wasn’t exactly a fortune. A decent unit would cost at least 300. This may have been totally re-jigged for Shogun 2, however.
GameStop: Pre-order in-store or online here and you’ll get an extra historical battle. The Battle of Kawagoe pits the Hojo clan against the fortress-holding Uesugi clan in 1545. Exciting stuff.
Total War: Shogun 2 will be released for the PC on 15 March.

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