Total War Three Kingdoms pre-order Dong Zhuo Lu Bu Faction

Every good story needs an even greater villain, and Dong Zhuo has villainy in spades. He and his adoptive son Lu Bu take center stage in the latest Total War: Three Kingdoms trailer. Check it out below:

Dong Pursued Lu Bu

Total War: Three Kingdoms is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel by Luo Guanzhong. As the Han Dynasty teetered on the brink of collapse — as we’ve previously detailed when the Yellow Turban early adopter bonus was announced — one man could’ve rekindled hope. That man was Dong Zhuo, but, rather than bringing balance to the dynasty, he left it in darkness.

In the novel, Dong Zhuo rescued the young Han Emperor from the Ten Eunuchs, only to end up subjugating the royal. Dong Zhuo’s tyrannical grip knew no bounds, wantonly executing officers and humiliating the imperial family. Absolute power led to absolute corruption — he killed not just the men, but the women and children, too.

At his side stands the mighty Lu Bu, considered the greatest warrior in all of China. A saying goes: “Among men Lu Bu, among horses Red Hare” — the latter refers to Lu Bu’s extraordinary steed who can travel great distances as swift as the wind.

Total War Three Kingdoms Dong Zhuo Lu Bu Faction

Love Is A Battlefield

After attracting generals such as Zhang Liao, Gao Shun, Guo Si, and Li Jue, Dong Zhuo was able to consolidate his power. A coalition was eventually formed in order to bring him to justice. However, it was not this coalition which ended the demagogue’s reign. It was Lu Bu himself after a fit of jealousy spurred on by the beautiful Diao Chan.

That love triangle is even present in Total War: Three Kingdoms. In the game’s Romance Mode, you can decide if Diao Chan is to be your wife. Or, you can give her to your adoptive son’s care. Meanwhile, in Classic Mode, the tumultuous relationship between Dong Zhuo and Lu Bu is explored along with the machinations of other characters. Likewise, you’ll also have to manage your Intimidation — a resource that increases when you capture more territory and execute characters while decreasing over time and when you promote officers. All the while, you’ll have the Han Emperor firmly under your control when the game starts, allowing you to expand like never before.

Dong Zhuo’s faction is not available immediately when you start Total War: Three Kingdoms. He can be unlocked, however, once you’ve defeated his faction or attained the rank of Emperor during the campaign. How well will the tyrant fare? Will other factions pursue Lu Bu? We’ll find out more once Total War: Three Kingdoms releases on March 7.

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