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Officers and advisors now have a bigger role to play. Here’s our guide to help you with the Faction Council rework that’s part of a free update coinciding with the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided.

Note: For more information, check out our Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided guides and features hub. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide is based on Romance Mode playthroughs.


Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided – The Faction Council rework

Previously, the members of your court in Total War: Three Kingdoms handed out missions that you can complete. Doing so confers boosts, including improved relationships with them. However, as part of a free update that will go live once Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided is released, the Faction Council rework gives your top advisors a more important role.

The affected ranks are the Grand Commandant, Grand Excellency, Grand Director, Grand Tutor, and Prime Minister (the Chancellor isn’t affected). Once you have people in these positions, you can see decisions that you can make via the Faction Council Panel.

Note: The Faction Council will only present these options each spring. If you miss out or accidentally end your turn, you’ll need to wait for a full year.

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The options include the following:

  • Gaining a free ancillary
  • Boosting population growth and public order
  • Launching pirate rates on coastal settlements (an army of looters will spawn).
  • Increasing a character’s experience.
  • Enacting a trade agreement while getting extra trade influence.
  • Devastating a target city’s walls.
  • Lowering an enemy faction’s food production or income generation.
  • Getting a character married.
  • Increasing a character’s satisfaction (or lowering the satisfaction of an enemy officer).
  • Taking a vassal’s heir hostage to improve diplomatic relations.
  • The Faction Council rework even lets you recruit a generic legendary character. The choices will appear after a turn.

Note: Each member of your Faction Council will present two choices (with varying costs in gold). You may only pick one option from each advisor.

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Resets and rerolls

Moreover, the Faction Council rework provides a way for you to reset a character’s skill points. Let’s say you want a Strategist to have fire arrows instead of domestic-related perks. Well, you can do just that.

Similarly, you can reroll a character’s traits. It can be helpful if a general is a bit unruly due to ambitious and greedy traits.

Tw3kfd Fctcn 1

Do take note that some of these selections only pick a random officer. However, I’ve noticed that backing out of the Faction Council screen or reloading a save can sometimes randomize the next set of options.

This doesn’t always happen, though, but I’ve seen it occur while covering the DLC in our official review. Lastly, remember that the Faction Council of rival forces can also take hostile actions against you.

Tw3kfd Fctcn 2

Total War: Three Kingdoms – Fates Divided is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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