Total War: Three Kingdoms surpasses one million copies sold, China and Korea especially

Total War: Three Kingdoms has had quite a successful launch so far. After Three Kingdoms broke the series’s pre-order sales record, Creative Assembly announced that the game has surpassed one million copies sold. Not bad for the first week.

As it turns out, much of the game’s sales success has come from China. Rob Bartholemew, CPO of Creative Assembly, has spoken about the success they have received so far. Over the past few years, China and Korea have became a major customer base for the Total War games. So it’s no surprise that Three Kingdoms has found massive success in those regions.

The game’s subject matter is directly inspired by the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which portrays the people and history of China’s Han Dynasty. The studio has also announced that future DLC will contain more playable characters from this time period.

Total War has entered many territories

Over the past few years, Total War has taken a turn away from historical settings. With its spin-off Warhammer games, fans of fantasy and strategy have been able to experience a different type of Total War game. That mixture of dark fantasy with tactical strategy has made for a nice break from Total War‘s realism. Yet the mainline Total War games have always been about real-world settings, and its latest entry reflects that.

Three Kingdoms has brought the series back to historical accuracy, and it is the first time a Total War game has used China as its setting.

Our own site features a slew of game guides for Three Kingdoms with more to come. Each of the playable characters features some notable differences in difficulty level. Beginner players may find some success with Sun Jian, but veterans of the series may prefer the Cao Cao, Me-Teng, or Dong Zhu campaigns. For a complete look at our game guides, visit our Three Kingdoms hub page.

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