It’s time for the High Elves of Total War: Warhammer 2 to get a bit of a showcase today, in a new campaign gameplay video. Tyrion and company’s unique mechanics center around diplomacy – both of the friendly, and not so friendly kind.

Early on, the video demonstrates the ‘court intrigue’ ability that High Elves can use to affect the relationships between other factions. It’s kind of like undermining someone in Europa Universalis IV. Eroding a faction relationship can distract a rival power, or split an alliance leaving the way open for your own conquest.

High Elves also get extra benefits from trade agreements. They can see what’s going on in the realms of anybody with whom they’re trading. In addition, High Elf agents can steal technology, boosting their own tech progress in Total War: Warhammer 2.

Beyond the faction mechanics, there’s a look at defending a ritual site from the oncoming Chaos hordes, and a short montage of an assault on a Lizardmen citadel. The latter appears to confirm that proper wall collapsing animations have returned, so that’s nice. Warhammer 2 will be out later this month, on 28 September.

Peter Parrish

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