Creative Assembly haven’t been short of news recently, and today bring word of changes coming to the Mortal Empires Total War: Warhammer 2 campaign. A new blog post outlines a ‘Reprisal Update’ that will bring a lot of the ‘Foundation Update’ features from the first Warhammer, to Mortal Empires.

If you’re finding that a little hard to follow, I don’t blame you. Basically though, there will be an opt-in beta “very soon” for the Reprisal Update, which will bring missing aspects like the Chaos design changes, new Lord skill trees, Wood Elf followers, and so on, over to Mortal Empires. Old World characters will also be able to benefit from Total War: Warhammer 2’s ‘immortality’ skill, Bordeleaux will start at war with Mousillon, and Ghorst is getting some extra skills.

What won’t be in this particular update is any of the new Norsca stuff, or the 30th anniversary Regiments of Renown. Adding the new Norsca to Mortal Empires is proving a “troll sized task,” apparently. If you’re wondering why they were missing to begin with, it’ll be because the teams working on Warhammer 2/Mortal Empires and the team doing the Norsca DLC will have had overlapping production. Everything for the sequel will have, presumably, been coded with old Norsca. That has evidently created some awkward problems further down the line, hence the delay getting them in Mortal Empires.

New Norsca, the Regiments of Renown, and (possibly) new starting positions for more Old World Lords are coming in future, as-yet-undated patches. As stated though, expect the Reprisal Update opt-in beta pretty shortly.

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