Those who’ve been following details of Total War: Warhammer 2 will probably know that settlement sizes are changing in the sequel. In almost all cases they’re getting more building slots, and Creative Assembly have laid out how that’ll work.

This post from the official forums contains all the changes. Minor settlements remain at four slots, small province capitals go from four to six, regular province capitals get a boost from six to eight, special province capitals (Aldorf, for example) move from six to ten. Athel Loren locations change from ten to twelve.

Those settlement changes will only apply to Total War: Warhammer 2 and (when it’s finished) the combined mega-campaign that’ll encompass maps from both games (hence why Athel Loren can be affected). That information comes a little lower down the thread in a separate post.

In other upcoming Warhammer 2 news, expect a campaign “flyover” video on Wednesday. It’ll focus on the Lizardmen, but there’ll be a few High Elves dotted about too (based on the short snippet below). Chances of seeing a half-second glimpse of a Dark Elf are lower, and we can probably rule out any sightings of rat men.

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