Another of those in-fiction Total War: Warhammer 2 letters has appeared, and this time it’s all about Skaven. In it, an Imperial Witch Hunter breathlessly reports on “things with jagged teeth”, “machines that spewed green flame”, and “a creature that shall haunt my dreams”.

The last time this happened, with a letter about Dark Elves, the faction trailer followed a couple of days afterwards. Previously, it looked like the drawn out ‘Ritual’ teases were the thing leading up to the full Skaven reveal. Four of those still remain, but they’ve slowed down considerably in the last few weeks (probably because Creative Assembly were busy releasing Norsca for the original game).

It’s possible that tomorrow will (finally) confirm the Skaven as the fourth faction, while the Ritual stuff will lead up to a roster reveal. Or something like that. If the rat-men are unveiled at last, perhaps we can fill in the rest of yesterday’s Total War: Warhammer 2 campaign faction map.

Update: The reveal happened. See the videos and read the details here.


Peter Parrish

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