More trailer footage from Total War: Warhammer 2 has been released, as that 28 September launch date approaches. Today, it’s a short look at the special High Elf ‘Eagle Gates’ map.

    The entrances to Ulthuan are protected by these Eagle Gates, so if you want to get inside the creamy center then it seems like you’ll have to besiege them. Or, conversely, if you’re playing as High Elves you’ll probably have to defend them (hopefully the AI launches siege attacks a bit more often in the sequel).

    This particular map has two slopes leading to gates in the main wall, a much larger courtyard type area behind, and then a further pair of steps leading to another gate. It’s not entirely clear if the staircases onwards are part of the actual map, or if it ends in the courtyard bit beyond the initial wall.

    The area behind the wall looks like it has more room to maneuver and fight than the sieges in the first Total War: Warhammer, which would be welcome. There’ll still be unit blobbing at the main gates though, I’m sure.

    Update: Creative Assembly released another Legendary Lord skills poster too, this time for Morathi. You can see that beneath the Eagle Gates video (click for larger so you can properly admire her hat).

    Peter Parrish

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