The Hunter & The Beast DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 will be available tomorrow, but it’s best to understand what you’re getting yourself into once you play as Markus Wulfhart. The Empire’s Huntsmarshal is one of the new playable legendary lords (the other being Nakai the Wanderer).

    In Wulfhart’s Total War: Warhammer 2 campaign, he’ll have a chance to discover Legendary Hunters throughout Lustria. These Legendary Hunters will, no doubt, remind you of Warhammer: Vermintide‘s heroes from Ubersreik and they play pivotal roles during the final battle. Here’s our mini-guide on where you can find them as well as their own questlines/missions that you can undertake.

    Note: For additional reference, kindly check our guide/overview for Markus Wulfhart’s campaign so you’ll have an idea of the basic mechanics and concepts. We also have our Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Hunter & The Beast guides and features hub with more info.

    The Bloody Ubersreik Five Or Four

    Where are the rats?

    Legendary Hunters of Lustria

    There are four Legendary Hunters that are hidden in the jungles of Lustria. Each one has a number of sidequests or objectives that further boost their capabilities (or those of other unit types). They’re also a nod to the Ubersreik Five (or four, doesn’t matter) — the heroes of the Warhammer: Vermintide games.

    These unique heroes cannot be killed once you recruit them as Wulfhart. Losing them in battle only leads to them becoming wounded for a few turns. Each Legendary Hunter provides a certain buff during Wulfhart’s final battle in The Hunter & The Beast DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2.

    Note: The Ubersreik Four/Legendary Hunters are only available for Wulfhart’s campaign. They will not appear in Total War: Warhammer 2‘s custom or multiplayer battles.

    Multiplayer Heroes Don't Appear

    Ah, the problem of not being able to take the battle screenshots that you’d want to.

    Hertwig van Hal (Witch Hunter)

    Hertwig van Hal might be the Saltzpyre of your group (bless his ravaged body and all that). He might be the Legendary Hunter you’ll find since the Vamps are quite close by.


    • Slayer of the Undead – Has bonuses versus Vampire Coast and other undead factions.
    • Flexible Role – Can be a veteran warrior or support healer.
    • Final Battle Bonus: Welcome Reinforcements – Allied reinforcements will arrive during the final battle.


    • Step 1: Be at war with the Vampire Coast mutineers; Hertwig van Hal joins your army.
    • Step 2: Move any character to any Vampire Coast mutineers territory.
    • Step 3: Be at war with any faction from the Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC.
    • Step 4: Capture and occupy The Awakening settlement (Vampire Coast/Luthor Harkon’s capital).
    • Step 5: Reach level 15 with Hertwig van Hal.
    Legendary Hunters Guide Wulfhart Campaign Vermintide Ubersreik Total War Warhammer 2 The Huntsman And The Beast Dlc Witch Hunter

    Sigmar, bless this ravaged body!

    Notable Rewards:

    • Van Hal Bloodline – You’ll have a decision to make on which trait/buffs you’ll take. Van Hal Bloodline boosts melee attack, ward saves, and lowers enemy leadership in your region. It also gives you the Foe Seeker and Hunter’s Call abilities.
    • Legendary Physician –  If you don’t pick the Van Hal Bloodline reward, then you’ll get the Legendary Physician trait. It adds more HP and casualty replenishment rate, and it also lessens the turns when you need to recover from wounds. You also get the Hunter’s Call and Patch Up abilities.
    • Tear of Shallya (enchanted item/unique) – Increases physical resistance, HP, and provides Resilient Spirit (self-healing passive); obtained once you reach level 15.
    The Awakening Battle Vs Vampire Counts Quest

    Capturing The Awakening for Salty Saltzpyre.

    Kalara (Wood Elf Waystalker)

    A Waystalker from Athel Loren, Kalara functions like any sniper hero. This Legendary Hunter also pick from both the ranged and melee-type skills. As Kerilian says, don’t be a lumberfoot, okay?


    • Natural Scout – Increases movement range and protects against ambushes
    • Unrivaled Archer – Unmatched archery compared to Empire troops
    • Final Battle Bonus: Shield Breaker – “Shield of the Old Ones” ability is destroyed during the final battle.


    • Step 1: Increase hostility level to “very hostile”
    • Step 2: Reach level 5.
    • Step 3: Search any ruined settlement. You can choose any army to do it and
    • Kalara does not need to be embedded in that army.
    • Step 4: Win three battles vs. lizardmen factions (hero success chance + action cost)
    • Step 5: Construct the Emerald Pools landmark in Itza.
    Legendary Hunters Guide Wulfhart Campaign Vermintide Ubersreik Total War Warhammer 2 The Huntsman And The Beast Dlc Waystalker

    You silly mayflies.

    Notable Rewards:

    • Dawn (enchanted bow/unique) – increases range and ammunition and reduces reload time. Obtained once you reach level 5.
    • Isha’s Blessing – Increases armor and HP; grants flaming attacks; adds Isha’s Rain ability. Obtained once you construct the Emerald Pools in Itza.
    Total War Warhammer 2 Hunter And The Beast Dlc Markus Wulfhart Campaign Guide Lizardmen Siege

    This way, lumberfoots!

    Rodrik L’Anguille (Bretonnian Knight)

    This prince might be a Bretonnian, but, hey, he’s still a Knight so we might as well call him the group’s Marcus Kruber.


    • Cold-Blooded Killer – Expert combatant against Lizardmen.
    • True Survivor – Can withstand the worst of the worst.
    • Final Battle Bonus: Oppressive Fighter – Enemy lord’s resistances during the final battle will be significantly reduced.


    • Step 1: Move any character to Xlanhuapec.
    • Step 2: Capture and occupy Xlanhuapec.
    • Step 3: Reach level 8
    • Step 4: Move any character to Pox Marsh.
    • Step 5: Reach level 15.

    Notable Rewards:

    • Anguish of L’ Anguille (enchanted sword/unique) which increases weapon strength and melee defense, or Sworn to Wulfhart trait which increases infantry speed and charge defense. Obtained once you capture Xlanhuapec.
    • Executioner of Captives trait which increases weapon strength and lowers enemy leadership, or Merciful trait which increases hero action success rate and lowers infantry upkeep. You can make your decision once you complete Step 4.
    • Wolf-Hearted trait which increases melee attack, HP, ambush success rate, and defense against enemy hero actions; adds the Shatter ability. Obtained once you reach level 15.
    Legendary Hunters Guide Wulfhart Campaign Vermintide Ubersreik Total War Warhammer 2 The Huntsman And The Beast Dlc Knight

    Oi, we’re the bloody… you know the rest.

    Jorek Grimm (Dwarf Engineer)

    Well, Jorek is probably not Okri’s cousin. But, one can’t help but think of him as good ol’ Bardin Goreksson… or Joreksson, perhaps? He’ll take a while to get recruited since you’ll need to send a character further south through Lustria. Some of Jorek’s mini-quests require you to have certain trade goods/resources. You can complete these steps by constructing the correct building in a settlement that has that resource, or if you have a trade agreement with a faction that’s exporting that resource.


    • Genius Crafter – Access to unique unit and ancillaries.
    • Efficiency Extraordinaire – Increases ammo capacity and lowers upkeep for artillery.
    • Final Battle Bonus: Fully-Stocked – Ammo for units will replenish periodically during the final battle.


    • Step 1: Move any char to the Northern Spine of Sotek.
    • Step 2: Have access to iron and timber resources. Iron can be found in Xlanhuapec (Mosquito Swamps), close to your starting position. Timber, meanwhile, can be found in Chaqua (Northern Great Jungle) or Tlanxla (Creeping Jungle).
    • Step 3: Have access to medicinal plants, marble, and exotic animals. Medicinal plants are found in Xahutec (Mosquito Swamps), close to your starting position. Marble can be found in either the Cavern of the Mlexigaur (Northern Spine of Sotek) or Grey Rock Point (Grey Guardians). Exotic animals are found in the Mouth of Qurveza (River Qurveza) or Fuming Serpent (Volcanic Islands). Alternatively, be friends with Mortahi who’s sure to own settlements that have marble and exotic animals.
    • Step 4: The objective says that you need to find hidden Obsidian in an area somewhere near the Volcanic Islands. Please note that I’m not 100% certain about this step since it automatically completed for me during my playthrough. This was even though I didn’t have a unit near the Volcanic Islands at the time.
    • Step 5: Reach level 15.
    Legendary Hunters Guide Wulfhart Campaign Vermintide Ubersreik Total War Warhammer 2 The Huntsman And The Beast Dlc Dwarf

    What a tale for Cousin Okri!

    Notable Rewards:

    • Scar (enchanted weapon/unique) which increases weapon damage and armor-piercing. Obtained once you complete step 2.
    • Amplifier (increases Winds of Magic reserves and lowers the cooldown of abilities). Obtained once you complete step 2.
    • Creator trait which increases the drop chance of magic items as well as the success rate of stealing magic items from enemy lords after a battle. Obtained once you complete step 3.
    • Magnificent Engineer trait which increases the speed and ranged of artillery units while decreasing their upkeep as well. It also adds the Big Boom ability (a throwable bomb). Obtained once you complete step 4.
    • Obsinite Gyrocopter unit. This is a special unit that will appear in your Imperial Supplies recruitment pool. Obtained once you complete step 4.
    Legendary Hunters Versus Skaven Vermintide

    The thaggoraki are here!

    Note: One last important tip — since you’ve got objectives that require you to level up, you’ll want to get the Training character skill from Kalara and Rodrik. Put all your Legendary Hunters in the same army and watch them earn experience points passively.

    There you have it. These are the four Legendary Hunters that you can encounter in Total War: Warhammer 2’s The Hunter & The Beast DLC. The only one that’s missing is this game’s version of Vermintide‘s Sienna. Well, we can pretend that a random Bright Wizard has that role, eh?

    Do note that these mechanics are only possible if you’re playing as Markus Wulfhart. Nakai the Wanderer, the other new legendary lord added in The Hunter & The Beast DLC, will be tasked to kill them instead during his campaign. Whoops!

    The Hunter & The Beast DLC for Total War: Warhammer 2 will be available on September 11. You can check it out via its Steam store page. Don’t forget that we’ve also got our Total War: Warhammer 2 – The Hunter & The Beast guides and features hub with more info.

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