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The Total War: Warhammer army rosters posted by Creative Assembly to date are not final, and will be subject to change according to statements by a company representative on the Total War forums.

A brief Instagram clip posted by the official Total War account over the weekend shows in-progress work on an Empire Bright Wizard; a unit type not presently listed in the posted army roster. Wizards from the Celestial and Light colleges are the only ones confirmed in that list.

Responding to queries about this (and whether the Bright Wizard would be DLC), Creative Assembly have said the following:

“Now that Warhammer is in Alpha, there’s some changes we can make – including some changes to the race Rosters. The Bright Wizard is one of them and we’ll have more information about changes to the race Rosters in the coming weeks.

Glad you all liked the Wizard! Also he will not be DLC, can confirm.”

Asked whether the Bright Wizard was added to Total War: Warhammer following complaints about its absence, the same representative replied:

“It wasn’t changed because of complaints. This was something we were always planning on putting in the game, but we didn’t want to confirm it until we knew for sure that we would be able to include it.”

Total War: Warhammer will launch with Empire, Dwarves, Greenskins (Orcs and Goblins), and Vampire Counts as playable factions. Plus Chaos, if you cast your fate to the winds of magic and pre-order.

Peter Parrish

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