Total War: Warhammer Chaos faction battle video

Total War: Warhammer Chaos faction battle video

The delightfully corrupted warriors of Chaos are on show in this latest narrated battle video from Total War: Warhammer. Chaos, of course, are only playable with a pre-order of the game (or if purchased as separate DLC later), which hasn’t exactly pleased people.

Those holding off from pre-ordering or DLC-buying will still see Chaos troops in their game, and fight battles (such as the one demonstrated below) against them, but won’t be able to control the faction directly.

As with prior Total War: Warhammer battle videos, this one is a mix of showing off different troop types, zooming in on combat, and a bit of actual tactical micro-management.

For this fight, Archaon Everchosen’s Chaos show up with some Chaos Warriors (standard and tougher ‘chosen’ variety), Chaos Knights, hellhounds (plus a poison variation of the same), hell cannon artillery, basic marauder troops, and a lumbering Chaos Giant. They’re facing the Empire (controlled by Creative Assembly’s narrator), led by Karl Franz.

Most of the imperial forces have been shown in prior images and videos, though the Pegasus-mounted Light Wizard may be new.

Total War: Warhammer comes to the PC on 24 May.

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