Total War: Warhammer details Grombrindal’s powerful Lord skills

Total War: Warhammer details Grombrindal’s powerful Lord skills

It looks like Vlad is going to have some competition in the ‘most ridiculously powerful Lord’ arena, based on Grombrindal’s skill array for Total War: Warhammer. Creative Assembly have detailed some of the White Dwarf’s skills today, and they’re … quite good.

‘Absolutely Relentless’ will (at Tier 3) enable +15% movement range for all characters faction-wide, while ‘Eager Kin’ (again, at Tier 3) can reduce faction-wide recruitment costs by 15% too. ‘Grombrindal Has No Fear’ meanwhile, gives (unspecified) boosts to melee defence and leadership to all allied forces on a given battle map.

‘Ancient Acumen’ adds unit experience (+3 at Tier 3) to all recruits, faction-wide. And ‘Flash Bang!’ allows Grombrindal to deploy black-powder charges in battle that stagger and disorientate enemies (possibly like the Nasty Skulker’s smoke bombs, though that’s not clear yet). Like other Total War: Warhammer Legendary Lords, he’ll be able to embark on quests for additional equipment.

To get hold of Grombrindal, you either have to buy November’s White Dwarf magazine for a code, pop into a Games Workshop from 28 October onwards and ask for a code, or wait until 2017 when he’ll be free for everybody.


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