A recent SEGA video stream has shown off a Bretonnia quest battle, featuring several new units in their Total War: Warhammer roster. Bretonnia, of course, are going to be beefed up when they join the game as a full, free faction on 28 February.

Some of the Bretonnian knight units will now have a ‘Lance Formation’ ability, giving them more acceleration and charge damage, but also making them more vulnerable to missile fire. Grail Knights, Knights of the Realm, and the new Knights Errant will all have this ability. The (also) new Questing Knights do not.

Grail Knights now have immunity to fatigue and 20% physical resistance. Knights of the Realm are less well armoured than before, but do get a bonus versus large foes. Knights Errant are described as being basic heavy cavalry; one of the cheaper options in that area. Questing Knights, meanwhile, are cavalry with greatswords and good armour penetration.

On the infantry side of things, Foot Squires are a less powerful version of Empire Greatswords (with similar double-handed swords), Battle Pilgrims are swordsmen with Frenzy and decent leadership, and the almighty Peasant Bowmen are said to be “weakened” from their current form. It was also mentioned that there will be further varieties of bowmen for the Bretonnians, but these weren’t shown.

Damsels will (from 28 Feb) be available in Lore of Life form, so you’ll have somebody to keep your infantry line alive a bit longer. Another unit that’ll be handy for keeping your wavering Anvil in place will be the Grail Reliquary. That’s a dead Grail Knight being hoisted around by Battle Pilgrims; it gives the surrounding area a big leadership boost, and immunity to psychology (fear, terror, etc).

You can see all of this in the SEGA video from earlier in the day. The Total War: Warhammer stuff begins at around 2 hours 46 minutes, with the ‘Sword of Couronne’ Bretonnian quest battle. After that, there’s also a look at one of Isabella von Carstein’s ‘Blood Chalice of Bathori’ quests.

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