The Total War: Warhammer release is getting closer and Creative Assembly has confirmed Steam Workshop support will be available along with other modding tools

    According to CA they have been working with Games Workshop to make modding happen and the dev team will now be assisting some modders to help them get mods ready for the day of release. Modders who have attended CA’s Mod Summits are being given early access to the game to help get the workshop filled with mods on day one.

    Two well-known modders Magnar and Dresden will receive help from the dev team to produce certain mods. Magnar is designing a “Legendary Lord Start Position Mod which customises start positions so that Legendary Lords will start in different locations from Race Leaders”, and Dresden is engineering a “Regional Occupation Mod; altering the settlement rules to enable each race to settle every region”.

    Now that Workshop support has been added, modders can utilise the Assembly Kit with the Database Editor and BOB for modifying and exporting database tables and campaign start positions. They also plan on adding further functionality, including battle map editing, at some point later in the year.

    There will be a new Total War Mod Manager released to making it easier to manage mods that are posted in the Steam Workshop.

    Great news for fans as it should open up a whole load of new possibilities when Total War: Warhammer launches on 24 May.

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