Total War: Warhammer

This is little more than a teaser, but if you’re keen to consume any and all Total War: Warhammer Wood Elf footage then Creative Assembly have a new video up. It’s about 15 seconds of the Wood Elf spell-casters (Spellsingers) unleashing magic on some unlucky forest intruders.

In the upcoming Wood Elf DLC, the Spellsingers will be able to use the lore of Beasts, Shadow, and Life. It’s not really clear which spell they’re using in the video (probably not Beasts, I’d recognise those); it looks like the soldiers are being held suspended in place before being flung aside. It’s probably a ‘Life’ spell, for maximum irony.

The short bit of footage also confirms that the Spellsingers will be able to ride unicorns. Have a look, below. Total War: Warhammer gets the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC on 8 December.

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