A new Total War: Warhammer video heralds the start of a much-requested release of information about the Vampire Counts faction. The other three (Orcs, Dwarfs, Empire) have all had their day in the sun, but now it appears to be time for those who prefer darkness to get a look in.

    The video is an in-engine cinematic, so beyond giving people a look at some of the undead units and generating some hype, it’s pretty light on systemic detail. However, Creative Assembly will be livestreaming a Vampire Counts battle at 6pm (US Pacific Time) today, during which more information will no doubt be divulged. Note that US clocks changed recently (whereas European ones did not), so the livestream time in the UK should be 1am (early 16 March).

    If you can’t stay up that late, or are busy or something, the stream will be archived for later viewing. Hopefully it’ll contain some solid mechanics-chat about the function of fear on the battlefield, how the Counts go about raising fresh troops from corpses, campaign map ‘Blight’ and all the other things people have been wondering about.

    The latest trailer contains a fair bit of (non-representaive) siege action, which is worthy of note because Creative Assembly have recently outlined some fairly major changes to how sieges will work in this particular Total War game. Not necessarily a bad thing, as sieges were always a fairly weak link in the titles.

    Total War: Warhammer was recently delayed by a month, so it’ll now be coming to the PC on 24 May. Here are the vamps, vamping it up.

    Peter Parrish

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