Total War: Warhammer trails Isabella von Carstein

Total War: Warhammer trails Isabella von Carstein

Isabella von Carstein, Vlad’s partner in blood crimes, will be coming to Total War: Warhammer as another Legendary Lord option for the Vampire Counts. A mere selfish noble in life, she received the blood kiss from Vlad von Carstein (happy Valentine’s Day everybody) and became a full on vampire.

Here’s where things get slightly confusing. Isabella von Carstein will be added to Total War: Warhammer on 28 February (with the Bretonnians) if Total War: Warhammer wins the ongoing ‘Make War Not Love‘ SEGA contest promotion thingie. If the game doesn’t win that, then, well, you’d have to imagine she’ll still appear since Creative Assembly have already put the work in; but she’d perhaps be paid DLC instead of free.

That’s speculation on my part, because I don’t know what would happen and Creative Assembly don’t seem to have mentioned that possibility. Ultimately, in some form or another, Isabella and her blood chalice will be in the game. Probably on 28 February.

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    • ✩ Petelgeuse Romanee-Conti ✩

      Ah yes.. lets add more characters for Vampires… and even then a woman who wasnt even a leader in military or warfare… Instead of Ariel the Queen of the Wood Elves who can nuke places with her magical wrath… nor Kislev with Katarina.. the Ice Queen.

    • Lazerbeak

      Theres something distasteful about the way they have used DLCS in this game

      • Brek Brekek

        oh content for your favorite game! blasphemy!