Alongside the Realm of the Wood Elves DLC release on 8 December, Total War: Warhammer will be getting Update 5; another set of changes and fixes for the game. A couple of the alterations in here should go down quite well with players.

One of particular note is “Disabled the Campaign AI’s ability to enter “Forced March” stance after razing a settlement.” No longer will the AI be able to maneuvre around the campaign map like the world’s greatest guerilla force. Decent news on the auto-resolver front too, which will now place higher protection on quality units (so hopefully no more losing your giant every time you autoresolve).

Many, many more changes can be found in the full Total War: Warhammer changelog, below. There’s also a Wood Elf lore-related video after all that text. Expect Update 5 to arrive some time between now and 8 December.

General Fixes and Improvements

Legendary Lords will now speak in the Front End when selected while starting a new Campaign.

Improved the heat haze on the Campaign map, which distorted the terrain incorrectly for some users.

Performance optimisations for maps with a lot of trees/vegetation in the outfield.

AI reinforcing the player in battle will now always attack after arriving on the field, and not defend the area where they entered the battle.

Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented the Battle AI from pursuing after it halts its advance to engage with ranged weapons.

Disabled the Campaign AI’s ability to enter “Forced March” stance after razing a settlement.

Vampire Counts Necromancer’s Tower building is buildable again for players that don’t own The Grim & The Grave.

Fixed a Potion of Healing exploit in custom battle mode that involved using army setups from previous releases.

Lords in Battle are now less likely to sit idle on a contested capture point.

Added “Aftermaths” to the stats to the Statistics Tab in the Faction Summary during Campaigns.

Improved the Bolt Throwers unit Porthole image during Battle.

Manticore no longer playing Horse vocalisations when selected in Battle.

In Multiplayer Campaign mode, the player is no longer able to move the camera away from the post-Battle screen by clicking on the “Known Faction” list.

Summons that raise units out of the ground can no longer be cast on walls.

Breath type spells e.g. Wind Blast now map to the terrain better.

Fixed some missing destruction levels on Bretonnian Siege walls in Battle.

Lords with experience gain skills no longer gain all the experience per turn themselves and now correctly distribute it to the units in their army.

Call of the Beastmen

In the Fall of Man Quest Battle, the reinforcing Bretonnia Lord is now mounted on a Pegasus, rather than on foot.

The King & The Warlord

Clan Angrund’s ethereal Ancestor Heroes can no longer be targeted by Assassination missions.

Greenskins’ Beast Lairz building now provides bonuses to Squigs.

Skarsnik’s Pernicious Precision faction trait now applies upkeep reduction bonuses to Goblin-based units.

When Clan Angrund Lords are injured/wounded, their replacements now correctly gain the +5 levels when the faction owns Karak Eight Peaks.

Added reload time and accuracy Rank 9 bonuses to Regiments of Renown with ranged Weapons.

Aspiring Champion units will no longer frequently fall off of siege ladders if the wall space where they are trying to dismount the ladder is occupied

Clarified the mission text on the 4.2 stage of the Liber Noctus quest chain for Helman Ghorst.

Added some missing text to the level 1 Savage Orc Camp building in the building browser.

Skulltakerz no longer have the Vampiric Influence diplomacy trait.

Added more selection vocalisations for Squig Herds and Squig Hoppers.

Fixed a bug where the rider would move to the wrong position on the Squig Hopper in the Porthole when selected battle.

Added VFX to Smoke Bomb ability.

Balancing Changes

Fix for Infantry performing splash attacks when charging.

All melee chariots have been rebalanced to impact harder, melee a bit longer and pull out better.

Most large flying units have an increased projectile hitbox size.

Tweaks to timers that make pulling out of melee more reliable. Units pulling out of combat will now ignore combat for a bit longer before getting dragged back in.

Potion of toughness max health replenishment reduced up to 50%

High King/Frenzy abilities now activate and deactivate when leadership goes above/below 50% mark.

Autresolver change

Autoresolver protects high quality units more, and has a stronger tendency to sacrifice low quality units.

Settlement defence towers are now much more powerful in the autoresolver.

Siege equipment (Siege Tower, Battering Ram, etc.) now has a more important role in the autoresolver.

It’s now easier to wipe out entire units in battles (manual or autoresolved), as they don’t have to suffer as much damage to get wiped out as before.


Increased accuracy and reload stats of Regiments of Renown missile units to match rank 9 veterans.

MP Ability attachments:

Added Arcane Conduit to Heinrich Kemmler

Added Arcane Conduit to Balthasar Gelt

Removed Arcane Conduit, Stand Your Ground from Wurrzag

Removed Deadly Onslaught from Belegar Ironhammer

Removed Potion of Toughness from all heroes.

Changed Arcane Conduit to The Hunger for Strigoi Ghoul King.

Spells & Abilities

Movement and Freeze Movement ability duration rebalanced.

Added a new unit spawning ability balance system, all spawns are temporary.

All units summoned in battle (EG Cygor, Skeletons, Manticore etc) have a new negative ability named Unbinding. This inflicts damage over time to represent their instability. The Unbinding effect scales with the value of the unit.

Some text ordering and content fixes for mechanical ability text.

Frenzy and Frenzy-like units have new context flags, they trigger at half base morale rather than wavering.

Various minor tweaks and bug fixes

Squigs Go Wild!: removed unbreakable and causes fear attributes, added -18 defence penalty and +16 leadership bonus.

Itchy Nuisance duration changed from 36 to 20.

Cascading Fire Cloak changed to single target spell.

Fate of Bjuna power cost reduced from 15 to 13.


All flying mounts +50 MP cost

Pegasus -5 ground run speed, -5 fly speed

Pegasus hero mount –100 mass

Hippogryph -200 mass

Spearmen-at-Arms -2MA, +1BvsL (These, and the corresponding Empire Spearmen changes, aim at making them weaker against infantry, while retaining their anti-large efficiency).


Ungor Spearmen -2 MA

Ungor Spearmen (Shields) -2 MA, +2 MD

(Both Ungor Spear units were inconsistent in attack speeds and required animation and entity tweaks. They now equal their corresponding Empire units in both combat strength and cost, while Primal Fury gives them an edge in speed).

Centigors (Throwing Axe) added fire-whilst-moving animations

Minotaurs (all) -100 MP cost

Razorgor Chariot +8 MD, +6 Bonus vs Infantry, -6 CB

Razorgor Herd -150 MP cost, +2dmg, -4 AP damage, -12 HP, -2 Speed, minor changes to splash attacks and charge

(Razorgor have been rebalanced to fit the lower price point. A contextual example: with a bit of luck, they can defeat a unit of Greatswords in 3 charges while a unit of Crossbowmen is firing at them, and then have just enough HP left to also defeat the Crossbowmen).


Chaos Marauders -25 MP cost

Chaos Marauders (GW) +1 MD

(In wide formations, the Great Weapon Marauders take out the improved Dwarf Warrior with ~30% HP left. They cost more, but also have a decent speed advantage. They are also cost-effective against Greatswords).

Chariots (all) -100 MP cost, +8MD

Gorebeast Chariot -10CB, +4 MA

Chosen (Halberds) +4 BvsL, -2 MA, +4 MD

(We buffed the Halberd version of Chosen to be a bit more Anti-Large focussed, while holding their ground longer in all melee engagements).

Kholek +300 HP, +10 BvsL, reduced hit reaction chance, -attack interval, tail-swipe attacks

Shaggoth +402 HP, +10 BvsL, reduced hit reaction chance, -attack interval, tail-swipe attacks

(Kholek and Shaggoths can now convincingly defeat 1 Demigryph Halberd, 2 Reiksguard or 5-6 Squig Herds. They are still not cost effective against spearmen, but the tail attacks help against getting swarmed).

Giant reduced hit reaction chance


Miners with BC -25 MP cost

Dwarf Warriors (all) -25 MP cost, +2 MD, +2HP, +5A

(Now equal to 2 Empire Spearmen units in the front)

Dwarf Warriors GW -1 damage, +1 AP damage

(Now 2 DW GW nearly equal 1 Greatswords when attacking simultaneously, with the benefit of more versatility on the side of the Dwarfs).

Warriors of Dragonfire Pass (Dwarf Warriors) +2 HP

Longbeards (all) +1 MD, +2 HP

Longbeards GW – charge defence vs large added, -4 CB (For the same price, LB GW now have a slight advantage against Grave Guard, plus the additional benefits of Charge Def vs Large, more versatility and higher grumpiness).

The Grumbling Guard (Longbeards – Great Weapons) +1MD (Note that this LB unit keeps its higher CB instead of getting the Charge defence vs Large)

Irondrake Trollhammers -100 MP cost

Slayers -2dmg, +2 AP damage

Ironbreakers -100 MP cost

Norgrimlings Ironbreakers -50 MP cost

Gyrocopter & Gyrobomber +turn speed, -5 fly speed

Gyrocopter (Steamgun) + accuracy, + damage to centre of impact

Thunderers +1 damage

Dwarf Cannon +20 range

Organ Gun +15 range


All flying mounts +50 MP cost

Griffon -200 mass

Spearmen (all) -1MA, -1CB, +1BvsL

(It now takes ~1.7 Spearmen with shields or ~2 Spearmen units to best one Dwarf Warrior unit (if for some reason you feel like bringing a spear to an axe-fight…)

Greatswords – spacing and charge animation changes, now fewer entities in the 2nd rank get an attack, slightly reducing overall charge damage

Handgunners +1 damage

Hellblaster Volley Gun -150 MP cost

Outriders (Grenade Launcher) -1s reload time, +4 explosion damage, +2 explosion AP damage, +10 range, -2 ammo

Free Company Militia -50 MP cost, + accuracy

Knights of the Blazing Sun –magic resistance


Chariots (all) -100 MP cost, +8MD

Orc Boar Boy Big Uns -2 CB, +1 damage, -1 AP damage

Broken Tusk Mob -2 CB, +1 damage, -1 AP damage, -4 Morale, -2 MD, -1MA, +200 cost

Giant reduced hit reaction chance

Squig Herd: reduced speed from 70 to 58, removed Vanguard Deployment, reduced mass.


Hellsteed -5 ground run speed, -5 fly speed

Grave Guards GW +2 AP damage, +1 MD, -2 CB, spacing and charge animation changes, now fewer entities in the 2nd rank get an attack, slightly reducing overall charge damage

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