Creative Assembly are riding the hype horse all the way to Bretonnia’s free release on 28 February, with a new Total War: Warhammer video. This one shows around 12 minutes of the Bretonnian campaign (no battles), giving a look at some of the skill trees, overworld mechanics, and so on.

Points of interest include the fact that Bretonnia’s Lords (and Ladies) will have reactive traits. That is, rather than being randomised, they will receive traits based on their campaign actions. Beat up Khazrak One-Eye, and you’ll earn ‘Beastslayer’ and its attendant bonuses. This is just implemented for Bretonnia for now, but hopefully this signals a move towards dynamic traits for all Total War: Warhammer factions.

In the video below, you’ll also get a look at the chivalry meter, the peasant economy, and summoning the Green Knight to aid you in battle.

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