A short video posted today on the Total War: Warhammer Facebook page shows off all of the spells in the Lore of the Wild branch of magic. These are the spells that’ll be (optionally) used by the Bray-Shamen of the Beastmen.

The video shows (and describes) stuff like Viletide, which is a delightful explosion of spiders and insects that causes magical damage to a unit or group. There’s also Bray Scream, a teardrop/cone blast for closer range damage. Devolve and Traitor-Kin are both debuffs, whereas Mantle of Ghorok will boost the melee attack (+5) and weapon damage (44%) of your allies.

Finally, Savage Domination can be used to summon a Gygor to your Total War: Warhammer army (providing you have a unit slot for it). Handy if you need a massive ogre-bull type creature to lob rocks at things. And, really, who doesn’t?

The ‘Call of the Beastmen’ DLC will be released on 28 July. Expect another video looking at the Lore of Beasts quite soon. See the Lore of the Wild by clicking on the link in the first paragraph. Or here.

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