Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Roadmap

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator has been in Steam Early Access since April 2019. But developer Landfall has just released a new roadmap for the zany physics-based historical tactics game. It ends with a release sometime between October and December 2020.

According to the post on Reddit from the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Community Manager, the delay in release comes largely from some unforeseen bugs in the Wild West update.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator roadmap

Landfall has decided that the reveal of the final Totally Accurate Battle Simulator faction needs to wait until the full release update. It doesn’t want to drop one of its biggest excitement bombs early and would rather launch with a bang.

However, in the middle of Q3 (likely sometime in August), we will receive a Secret update. This will add some long-awaited units, including some revamped ones from the alphas. This update will also add maps for each new faction and might see the return of a beloved map. It’s probably safe to read “might” as “definitely.”

In late Q3 (likely around September), Landfall will release the Unit Creator. This is a feature the developer is very excited about, and its timeline hasn’t been affected by the troubles in the Wild West. You can check out more details on the Unit Creator feature in this Reddit post. A Faction Creator will also arrive alongside the Unit Creator.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator Unit Creator

The full release of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator will then take place in Q4. That could be any time between October and December. This will see the final faction added, as well as achievements, localization, Twitch integration for PC, and a few unannounced features.

Looking into the future, 2021 will see the addition of Hero Units. Plus, we’ll see – to quote the roadmap – “Cool secret stuff and the possibility of more post-release content”. Who doesn’t love cool secret stuff?

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