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Developer Hotta Studio recently posted a trailer showcasing a new character, Alyss, coming to its free-to-play open-world RPG Tower of Fantasy. The trailer description labels this character, whose full name is M-sec 2000 Alyss, as a Special Forces Agent who works hard and possesses “unparalleled talents.” Watching the trailer gives a pretty decent idea of her combat prowess as she juggles her opponent with graceful kicks and potent ice abilities. Alyss will come to the game as part of the 2.3 update, which players can experience exactly a week from now on February 2.

According to a post from the official Tower of Fantasy Facebook page, Alyss wields the Unyielding Wing, a bladed shoe weapon “powered by the user’s mentality.” She utilizes this weapon in tandem with her advanced figure skating skills to devastating effect. In addition to this, the post features several descriptions filled with technobabble explaining away various aspects of her design if you care to read it.

Tower of Fantasy will introduce new character Alyss in February

One aspect of her gameplay that players shouldn’t ignore, however, comes in the form of her shapeshifting ability. At any time, Alyss can utilize her Latent State ability to transform into a dragonfly, allowing her to move quickly on the battlefield. Not only does this make for an effective gap-closing tool, but it also triggers a highly damaging area-of-effect attack as soon as Alyss turns back to normal. Of course, Alyss has plenty of other powerful skills and attacks where that came from, with many of them having the ability to freeze enemies for a few seconds.

Along with this new character, the 2.3 update will treat Tower of Fantasy fans with a new location in the form of the Miasmal Swamp, a new chapter to experience in the main story, and other features. Once the February 2 release date for this patch arrives, fans should be more than occupied.

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