Tower Of Fantasy How To Change Appearance And Gender Guide

An MMORPG is nothing without its customization. Across all MMOs, players love to strut their stuff and look the part. This fashion culture is even more prevalent in anime-styled MMOs like Tower of Fantasy. To help you out on your quest to look good, we’ve put together this guide on how to change appearance and gender in Tower of Fantasy.

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How to change appearance and gender in Tower of Fantasy

Changing your appearance is an easy enough task. To do so you’ll first want to head over to your backpack. This can be accessed by pressing ESC to enter the main menu and then selecting ‘Backpack.’ On the backpack menu, you can then select ‘Outfits’ located to the bottom right of your character. Be aware that changing your character’s appearance will cost either 100 Dark Matter or one Beauty Beauty Voucher.

In the outfits interface, you can freely change your character’s clothes, physique, and facial features. You can also save presets in case you want to have multiple styles to switch between. An alternative to creating your own design is to import someone else’s. This can be done by either inputting a custom character ID using the ‘Import’ button or selecting a popular community design by clicking ‘Lobby.’

Tower Of Fantasy Outfits Button To Change Appearance

To change your appearance in Tower of Fantasy all you have to do is select the ‘Outfits’ button found in your backpack.

Unfortunately, changing your character’s gender isn’t as easy as it ought to be. The gender switch option found on the character interface doesn’t currently do anything. It’s just a social tool to share your real-life sex. Instead, your only option is to use an item called Beauty Restore Voucher. This isn’t currently available in Global but can be purchased in the Chinese version with dark crystals.

Until this item is added players who want to switch gender have limited options. You can either wait or start over on a new server. This is far from an ideal system and hopefully Level Infinite considers changing it in the future.

Tower of Fantasy is available on PC via the game’s official launcher.

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