Tower of Fantasy will release on PC next month

Tower Of Fantasy Motorbikes And Release Date

Tower of Fantasy is a new shared open-world RPG being created by developer Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. Revealed last year, its anime-inspired art style instantly brings to mind games like Genshin Impact. Given that Tower of Fantasy also has an emphasis on multiplayer and gacha mechanics, that comparison makes even more sense. We now know that Tower of Fantasy will release on PC on August 10.

Tower of Fantasy’s anime-inspired art style is eye-catching. But, while that is a natural reason to compare it to Genshin Impact, its sci-fi premise should hopefully be enough to set it apart from similar games in this crowd.


“In Tower of Fantasy, dwindling resources and a lack of energy have forced mankind to leave earth and migrate to Aida, a lush and habitable alien world,” reads the game description. “There, they observed the comet Mara and discovered an unknown but powerful energy called ‘Omnium’ contained in it. They built the Omnium Tower to capture Mara, but due to the influence of Omnium radiation, a catastrophic disaster occurred on their new homeworld.”

Tower Of Fantasy Open World

A rival for Genshin Impact?

In terms of how the game works in action, players will be able to wield unique weapons that are tied to specific characters. Each character and weapon will make use of a different style of gameplay. Characters also have backstories you can get into. You can party up with other players to explore the game together. Weapons can be switched on the fly during combat.

Tower of Fantasy is already shaping up to be popular with players, even before its official release. Level Infinite claims that over 1 million players took part in the game’s closed beta earlier this year. The developer revealed on social media that the game has already received 3 million pre-registrations — the studio is offering a special reward as a result. If you wish to sign up early, you can so on the official website. Tower of Fantasy will release on PC on August 10.

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