Tower of Fantasy: The best Weeklies you need to be doing

Tower Of Fantasy Weeklies You Need To Do Guide

Weeklies are a natural part of any MMORPG. They help break up the grind by giving you something else to work towards. They’re usually more limited than dailies but provide better rewards for completing them. This is no different in Tower of Fantasy. To help you get get the most out of your weekly activities, we’ve put together this guide on the weeklies you need to do in Tower of Fantasy.

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The best Weeklies to do in Tower of Fantasy

The weeklies listed are in order of priority. The higher they are on this list, the more important it is that you are completing them every week. If you want to save time consider skipping the weekly activities further down on this list as they are not as impactful.

Weekly Activity Points

The most important weekly to complete is the weekly activities. These reset every Monday and challenge you to complete a variety of content. Tasks vary from straightforward things, like signing in a set number of times, to more demanding tasks, like beating three world bosses. Each milestone gives an SSR rarity item, including three guaranteed Type III Chips. These are incredibly valuable, as they can be used to roll for SSR Simulacra when used on world bosses.

The interface for the weekly activities is accessed through the adventure menu. To enter this menu, hold left ALT while in the open world to enter cursor mode. Then press the two crossed swords at the top right of the interface. You can press ‘Go’ on any listed objective to have the game take you to where it’s completed at.

Tower Of Fantasy Weekly Activity Points

Void Rifts

One of the best weeklies you can do in Tower of Fantasy is Void Rifts. They’re multiplayer PvE challenges where a team has to find three keys by defeating the Infernal Steel Lizards located around the dungeon, and then defeat the final boss. This is fairly challenging content that relies on you having either a good healer in your team or exceptional DPS output.

It’s challenging for a reason, though, as it provides some of the best rewards currently available in Tower of Fantasy. Clearing a Void Rift can give both SSR matrices and is one of the few ways to earn Proof of Purchases without using premium currency. This is the best game mode for farming SSR matrices, as you can complete it up to three times a week.

Tower Of Fantasy Void Rifts

Bygone Phantasm

Bygone Phantasm is a wave-based PvE game mode where you have to survive as long as possible. The further you get, the more rewards you are given in return. Every week Bygone Phantasm resets, and you have to once again try to get to as high a wave as possible. From this weekly, you can get booster modules, advancement modules, energy crystal dust, and dark matter.

Since this is a survival game mode, there is a focus on healing and tanking. The earlier waves are easy and can be powered through with raw damage, but the later waves get more difficult. Those looking to receive the best rewards possible should utilize a balance of self-sustainability, tanking, and DPS.

Tower Of Fantasy Bygone Phantasm Wave 3

Crew Missions

The three prior weeklies should be your main focus, but there is another option for Tower of Fantasy players that are in a crew. Crew Missions are weekly objectives, and you can complete up to four of each week. These missions are similar to the weekly activities, but they give different rewards. Completing them awards merit points and crew funds.

Merit points are used in the Crew Store to purchase SR shards for specific relics and Potent Omnium Crystals. One of these is the powerful Magnetic Pulse relic, which is well worth leveling up. Consider checking out our official relics guide for more information. As for crew funds, they are used to level up crews and improve the rewards given to crew members.

Tower Of Fantasy Crew Missions

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