Ubisoft’s bible-inspired Babel Rising will be released for Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on 13 June; followed by a PC version on 27 June. In-between, there’ll be a release for iDevices on 14 June. Indeed, the game itself is a souped up version of an iPhone title with the same name.
In it, you get to unleash merry biblical wrath upon the puny subjects of earth. Those arrogant Babylonians think they can construct the Tower of Babel on your Godly watch, and it’s up to you to put a stop to it.
Naturally, that means employing a variety of god-like powers (you are, after all, God) such as floods, earthquakes and purifying flames to retain your Old Testament reputation for being a big meanie. We can only hope that there’s also a ‘convince your followers to sacrifice their firstborn before revealing it was all just a jolly jape’ power.
Xbox Live’s version will have optional Kinect controls (see the trailer, below) and the PSN one will utilise the PlayStation Move.

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