Towers of power: It’s the second Citadels “Making Of” trailer


I’m not going to lie to you. This second installment of the Citadels “making of” trailer series is not exactly thrilling. In it, you’ll ostensibly learn about putting up defenses and getting archers to man your battlement walls and things like that. Mostly, though, it’s shots of the developer building towers on a map and saying the word “tower” a lot. He’s also quite fond of the word “walls.”

That’s maybe a bit unfair. After all, he is talking about setting up a protecting ring around your settlement, so what else would he be using other than towers and walls? Well, moats and stuff, obviously, but he shows those too. I do have nagging doubts about enemies smart enough to just walk around the sides of the walls you’ve set up (since you won’t, presumably, have enough cash/materials to make a full ring right away,) but maybe there’s a way to avoid that. At least it’s showing actual gameplay, eh?

For the previous Citadels making of video, have a look here. For the current one, negotiate the tricky task of looking slightly lower than this sentence.

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