The announcement of Reakktor’s TOXIKK got us excited for some classic shooter action and there’s been more questions answered today.

Playing a 1990’s style shooter will be a refreshing change, but will it have all the server options we loved back in the day? Reakktor has responded with their thoughts on dedicated and private servers which is a question that has been raised constantly by gamers since TOXIKK  was announced a few days ago. Right now the official line is…


The game has dedicated servers, run by Reakktor. These servers will be ranked. Whatever match you play on these machines will influence your player rank.

Exception: If you have purchased Clan Admin Privileges (CAP) you’ll be able to host your own matches on our servers. These matches can be freely configured by the CAP (mutators, passwords, maps, game mode, score limits, bots yes/no etc.). Matches, created by CAPs will pop-up by other players as “servers” (unless set to hidden, by the CAP). Matches played on these virtual CAP-servers will not be ranked (as they are fully controlled by the CAP).


Private servers (aka private dedicated servers) appear to be one of the most desired features by the community. We got that and are currently discussing how/if/when this can be realized. Obviously, we are not only making an Arena FPS, but are also huge fans of the genre and most of the team wants to see at least lan-play in TOXIKK. We need to see how we can fit this into our development schedule (concerning time and budget). We’ll get back with more conclusive info on this matter before 11th, August. Please give us the time to fully explore on this subject, before coming back with an answer.

Indie developer budgets are always going to be tight so fingers crossed there’s enough PC gamers out there willing to chip in for TOXIKK before release via the store.

In other TOXIKK  updates they’ve also confirmed there will be 4v4 CTF with no vehicles and there are two map sizes, “classic” for up to eight players and “massive” for up to 16. They say these numbers have been decided to “to ease the handling of map cycles” and vehicles will only appear on the “massive” maps.

TOXIKK sounds like it could tick most boxes for anyone who loved the early Quake titles which are probably still the best shooters to have ever been made.

Thanks Blues.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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