Toy Soldiers: War Chest, the latest RTS-ish, toy-rush title from Signal Studios, will be released on 11 August. Even though it’s a lower-key Ubisoft published game, it still doesn’t escape the Ubification of having more than one edition.

Far as I can tell, the Standard Edition (which will be digital only) comes with four armies: Kaiser (from the original game,) Starbright, Dark Side and Phantom.

If you want four more licensed armies; GI Joe, He-Man, Cobra Commander and, er, Ezio (remember playing with all those 80s-90s Ezio toys? Of course you do, shut up!) you need the Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall of Fame Edition. That one will be available digitally and at physical retailers. A physical, boxed PC version might be hard to find, mind you.

Naturally, you will also be able to purchased individual licensed armies for the Standard release, or get them all in a ‘Legendary Heroes’ pack.

Online retailers have the Hall of Fame edition at $30 (no PC option listed, of course,) but I’m not sure what the Standard release will cost. If it ends up being $15, then I guess that’s pretty fair.

Here’s an accompanying trailer showing the extra chaps from the Hall of Fame version. Followed by some images.

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