TPCAST HTC Vive wireless system now available for pre-order

TPCAST HTC Vive wireless system now available for pre-order

If there is one major issue with the VR it’s the cables which are particularly annoying when using roomscale. One of the solutions is TPCAST, a small box you shove onto the Vive¬†which allows users to remove the annoying cable.

TPCAST is now available for pre-order but it’s not cheap, especially if you’re based in Europe. TPCAST is available through select retailers and it costs around ¬£320 which. It’s also now available in the US for pre-order for around $299.

The TPCAST comes with a transmitter to replace the cables and a receiver which fits onto the top of the Vive. The battery life is around five hours of play time.

Although the price of the Vive has dropped, adding another few hundred onto the setup makes wireless VR a little more expensive than some might have hoped.

The video below demonstrates how this works.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • chaos_in_ashland

      I love my Vive, but I can’t keep dropping hundreds of dollars for a expensive hardware which only plays substandard games. Sure some of the games are fun, but many are modified ports of standard games,and the others are mostly ‘early access’ games.

      C’mon Valve, where’s Half Life VR? Where is Portal VR? Why can’t you work with studios to create better port’s of games?

      Why is this wireless adapter 300 mothertrucking dollars? Why is HTC’s customer service so flipping bad? How can this VR thing gain traction with this? It’s been over a year since it’s debut, lets see some home runs here Valve.

      • Paul Younger

        I agree, it is too pricey for the cordless gain. No doubt the next Vive will have ll this built it so it might be better to hang on until a headset at reduced cost comes with it.

      • Hakeem Hakim

        yeah, you will keep dropping hundreds of dollars…because you love your vive…

    • Mooki

      Have you ever broken a hip or had your current hip replacement dislocated, Have you ever had your arthritis kick in by accidentally pulling the cable of your vive while trying to turn in your VR wheelchair simulator or your Parkinson triggered ending up pulling out all that pesky cabling while using a vive ?

      Then we have made a video of a product that is easy to follow or fall asleep to by the old and elderly.

      *Please do make sure to place your orders before your alzheimer takes hold of you more then it already did.

    • Ronney McCarthy

      The US sucks when it comes to getting the new technology. Microsoft took down their ordering page for the TPCast weeks ago and no one else in the US is offering it.