Quite a few details released today about Nadeo’s Trackmania 2.
Firstly, the game will be released on 14 September. Now, despite this being a PC title and the publisher being Ubisoft, that date hopefully won’t slip (Ubi tend to do that with multiplatform titles, but Trackmania 2 is PC only).
Pre-orders will be taken from 17 August, which is also the date on which a multiplayer beta launches. If you’re one of the people who are pre-ordering the game (for $25 USD), you’ll be automatically included in that beta session.
DRM is always a concern with Ubisoft releases on the PC, but the word about this is “You’ll need to register online once when you install the game. You’ll then be able to play without an online connection”.
Source: rockpapershotgun.com (DRM details)

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