Trackmania Release Details

Ubisoft Nadeo has announced that the upcoming Trackmania racing game will have multiple versions that grant players different levels of access. Originally scheduled for release in May, Ubisoft recently delayed the new version of the hit racer until July. Well, Ubisoft is wasting no time in July. All three versions of Trackmania will release on the Epic Games Store and Uplay on July 1.

The three versions available to players will include Starter Access, Standard Access, and the premium Club Access.

Trackmania Free Version

Free Starter Access

Starter Access is the free-to-play version of the new Trackmania. It will let you dip your toes into the water of this wild racing experience. Starter Access lets you race solo or multiplayer on 25 tracks, and it will let you compete for records in the regional rankings. The weekly Nations League will also be available for some casual competition.

A big part of the Trackmania experience is racing around custom tracks designed by other players. The Starter Access version of the game will let you enjoy these creations through the Arcade Channel. You’ll also gain limited access to some editors for tracks, replays, and skins.

Trackmania Access

Standard Access

Starter Access sounds pretty good. What more could a racer want? Well, Standard Access lets players experience even more content. You’ll be able to race on the Track of the Day and keep it once the day is over, as well as get full access to the track editors and map review servers.

You’ll also be able to keep any official tracks added to the game down the road. One year of Standard Access to Trackmania will cost you just $9.99. If you’re into designing tracks, then that’s a pretty good deal.

Trackmania Nations Ubisoft

Club Access

With this premium version of Trackmania, you will get all the content mentioned above, as well as access to clubs and exclusive racing leagues. Joining a club will let you customize skins, play special campaigns, access online rooms, and practice on training tracks. You can also create your own club and host events.

As for the exclusive leagues, all Club Access players will be able to compete in the Open Grand League organized by Ubisoft Nadeo. Through that, you can attempt to qualify for the Trackmania Grand League. Club Access will cost you $29.99 for one year or $59.99 for three.

Trackmania delayed to July Ubisoft Nadeo Paris, new trailer, smooth development

If you let your Standard or Club Access lapse, you will keep all the official tracks and Tracks of the Day you have accumulated. Trackmania is already available for pre-order. You just need to choose your platform: Epic Games Store or Uplay.

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