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We’re back with another week of announcements for free games coming to the Epic Games Store. As a reminder for this week, you can pick up WWI shooter Verdun and tower defense game Defense Grid: The Awakening for free until July 29 at 11 AM ET. Once that time rolls around, the offers will expire and it will be on to the next batch of content. Starting next week, you’ll be able to get Train Sim World 2 and Mothergunship for free. And they’re yours to keep forever.

These two titles coming next week are each solid entries in the respective genres. Train Sim World 2 is a big name in the sim world, and the subject of a lot of coverage on PC Invasion. Mothergunship doesn’t make as many headlines, sure, but its positive reviews should tell you that this bullet hell title is not one to be missed either.


Train Sim World 2 released back in August of last year, making it a relatively modern title. It’s also one that we’re surprised is up for grabs this soon. Perhaps the idea is to give away the base experience in order to sell more DLC once players decide they like what the game is all about. There certainly is more than enough new content for that to make sense, and the DLC is not cheap either. At any rate, you can jump in for free and experience what it’s like to be a locomotive conductor in a world with genuinely impressive and authentic recreations of real-life locations and routes. These include locations in Germany, the United Kingdom, and more.

Blast ’em to smithereens

And in an abrupt departure from the generally calm sim operations, Mothergunship is the other upcoming free title on the Epic Games Store. It focuses on lots and lots of guns and bullets. You’ll fight your way through a sci-fi universe, killing alien invaders with all kinds of highly customizable weapons. Seriously, check this trailer out to see what all you can do to your weapons. If you enjoy making crazy guns go BRRRRR, you’re in luck with this one.

Once Train Sim World 2 and Mothergunship become free on July 29, you’ll have until August 5 to claim them. Remember, the promotions roll over at 11 AM ET each week.


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