Dovetail Games has announced that Train Sim World 2020 will hit the rails on August 15. Along with the announcement, the studio is promising some exciting new content and changes from the previous entry.

The studio also released a gameplay trailer showcasing the variety of detail the game will offer. From snowy landscapes to changing weather effects, this upcoming simulator looks to offer some incredible graphics. The trailer even shows off some of the train control boards.

Notable changes in Train Sim World 2020

The game boasts over 100 hours of gameplay spread across the US, UK, and Germany. It will also feature a special DLC pack that takes players across the Western part of the US. The pack is available as a standalone DLC, or as a part of the digital deluxe edition. The game will also feature three routes from the previous entry: Main-Spessart Bahn, Northern Trans-Pennine, and Long Island Rail Road.

As for gameplay changes, Train Sim World 2020 will offer better tutorials. After each route, the game will give you your scores, record your best performance, and offer tips on how to improve during each route. This feature will also have a progress tracker, which will highlight a variety of jobs available on the route.

The game will feature a new “journey” system, which will allow the player to have upwards of 24-hour sequential gameplay sessions. This feature will let the player take multiple jobs on the same route. Altogether, it sounds like Train Sim World 2020 is a major step forward.

Dovetail Games is responsible for a number of other simulator titles, including publishing Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Dovetail also created the SimuGraph Vehicle Dynamics Engine, or SimuGraph for short. This system simulates the electrical, mechanical, and hydraulic components of a vehicle in order to bring a sense of realism to Train Sim World 2020. For a look at our review of previous content from this series, our own A.K. Rahming reviewed some of the DLC from Train Simulator.

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