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Triple train action.

The crossover for Train Simulator and DOTA 2 doesn’t seem like it’d be huge, so there’s a chance people interested in this news won’t currently be glued to The International 4. Dovetail Games has announced that the latest in their locomotive approximation series, Train Simulator 2015, will be coming on 18 September.

They may be hoping to rope in some new players with this one, because it’s all set to launch with a special training area called ‘TS Academy.’ Here, players will be able to “experience all types of trains” which is a treat that surely can’t be turned down. Basically, it should be an improved tutorial helping people to cope with different operational systems, signalling and all that kind of thing.

For those players who already know how to play this series, the news that the Hitachi Rail Europe Class 800/801 trains (not actually due for passenger service until 2018) will be in this version. You’ll be playing the future.

Here are the included routes planned for Train Simulator 2015:

London to Peterborough East Coast Main Line route
–       including the First Capital Connect Class 365 plus Hitachi Class 800/801 trains
New York to New Haven North East Corridor route
–       including the Amtrak ACS-64 plus Amtrak Acela Express trains
Munich to Garmisch-Partenkirschen route
–       including the DB BR 426 plus DB 411 ICE T trains

As usual for this series, people who own Train Simulator 2014 will get an automatic upgrade to the ‘core’ 2015 game when it’s released in September. Dovetail can afford to do this because their business model is based around huge amounts of rather expensive DLC. If you were to buy it all, it would cost almost $4,000 USD. I’m not making that up. All of those DLC add-ons will still be compatible with the latest edition.

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