Transistor 03

It’s safe to say this game will look pretty good.

Attention: people who enjoyed Bastion. The next game by Supergiant Games, Transistor, will be released for PC on 20 May. PAX East will have a “near final” build of the game available to play (albeit on PS4,) so if you happen to be attending that event you could give the game a go in person.

Those of us not at PAX East will just have to remind ourselves what we know about Transistor so far. You’ll play as Red, a talented singer who has come into possession of a gigantic, Final Fantasy-esque sword called, yes, the Transistor. As it happens, this sword she now carries around can speak. Also as it happens, the voice will be Logan Cunningham’s (narrator Rucks fromĀ Bastion.)

Like Bastion, Transistor is going to look pretty spectacular. Art director Jen Zee is returning, so you can expect a similar visual flair to Supergiant’s first game. By the sounds of the first reveal trailer (below,) it’ll have a strong soundtrack too.

Gameplay-wise, the developer is going for a more tactical approach to combat. Battles can be paused and plans can be laid, in order to make the most of the Transistor’s powers. No doubt more footage and information will be emerging from PAX East over the next few days.

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