June 19th, 2017

Transverse could have been Wing Commander Online – Gamer doubts begin


Earlier this evening Piranha Games revealed Transverse and it’s not going down well.

Gamers appear not to be embracing the new crowd funded project from Piranha Games which was revealed as Transverse, an online, open-universe space exploration and combat title that would be taking on the likes of Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous in the space adventuring space.

Since the game was revealed,  the Piranha Games team has been kept rather busy on their forums as comments started to flood in from sceptical gamers and disgruntled Mech Warrior Online players/backers.

The most interesting discovery was that the game could have actually turned out to be Wing Commander Online. According to a member of Cloud Imperium, the studio behind Star Citizen, EA had offered Piranha the license. CIG’s Ben Lesnick commented:

“It’s a real project. We were worried it was going to be Wing Commander: Online – EA offered them the license at one point”

Now that Transverse has been announced, we have to assume that EA thought better of entering the space sim arena now that Star Citizen has raised so much cash and Elite Dangerous is looking very solid.

Fans of the Wing Commander series sound relieved that Piranha is not going to have the opportunity to revive Wing Commander . The way in which Mech Warrior Online has been handled by Piranha has not been stellar.

Star Citizen backers have also been quick to investigate what’s on offer and there has been quite a few comments from the Start Citizen community over the ship designs which  look similar to what we see in Star Citizen. Perhaps that was to be expected.



Since the funding launched this evening, which was around 8 hours ago, there’s been a total of 28 pledges and the message to wait and see what happens appears to have sunk in. There’s a thread in the Transverse forums which is filled with comments from gamers not willing to part with cash.

With Transverse not being Kickstarted and funds being gathered directly, there’s no protection for backers and the funding goals set out by Piranha are almost absurd. So much so they appear to have changed their funding page. In case you missed the funding goals, they were as follows:

  • $1,000,000 – Space Flight
  • $1.5 million – Customise your ship
  • $2.0 million – Space combat

We’re a little perplexed why it would take an additional $1 million to shoot your lasers. What if they don’t reach $2 million? Does that mean you won’t be able to shoot? The whole campaign is bizarre and for that reason alone do not back this until there is more concrete information, gameplay, or you are completely sure you want to play this.

Not backing the game scuppers Piranha’s plans, but I think there are enough reasons to be slightly concerned about the project especially at this early stage.

Piranha Games may surprise us, but based on what’s gone before, just be wary.

Update: Piranha shadow banned on Reddit as Transverse fallout continues.

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  • Paul Younger

    Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

    • https://profiles.google.com/101609639808432721818 Applecrow

      This is just too good.

    • https://www.twitch.tv/indren Indren

      Lol… try to take on Star Citizen.. okay, there is something to take on. But take on Elite? What´t there to take on in this empty boring overpriced single player game with one station in endless black void? People are buying the because of the name I guess? lol.. /facepalm Better take on the old X Series or Limit Theory, if anything

      • lel

        I see a lot off butthurt in ur voice, you must be some frustrated SC fanboy aka “ravencunt”. I suggest u go back to ur shitty xrebirth scam, and let people play normal space sims.

    • lanessar

      This is a fair article, without bashing, but pointing out the downfalls and failure to deliver in the past. One of the best examples of journalism I’ve seen on several news sites, instead of just parroting a paid for press release. I’ll be heading to this site for news from now on, instead of visiting the talking-head sites which, frankly, have no defense for recommending doing a pledge to the game to their readers based on the past performance from this developer.

    • Pootle

      They aren’t winning over any fans with their ToC either:


      Additionally, Piranha Games may stop offering and/or supporting the Game at any time. Accounts terminated by Piranha Games shall not be reinstated under any conditions whatsoever. ”

      source – https://transversegame.com/legal/terms

    • https://profiles.google.com/105766978375318230084 oliver schwach

      Funding goals are still on the page, just a bit better hidden, but its the same crazy numbers.

      I call fraud here, thats not even vaporware anymore, thats a plain simple fraud.

    • Laserkid

      PGI does indeed hold the rights to Wing Commander, since 2012.

      Of course that was 2012 before Star Citizen (speculation:maybe why it is a new IP) was a thing and wing commander, like mechwarrior was a long commercially unused IP.

    • Daert1

      I loved the trailer, it was like it was 2004 again and I was watching the intro to Freelancer. By that I mean that it looks like it was made using freelancer’s game engine.