June 19th, 2017

Transverse is Piranha Games’ new crowdfunded space title

Transverse is Piranha Games’ new crowdfunded space title
For $3 million maybe you can look like one of these people, I don’t know.

Piranha Games’ trailed sci-fi project has turned out to be Transverse, which looks as if it’s intended to be an online, open-universe space exploration and combat type title. Think Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen. In fact, Piranha would definitely like you to be thinking about how much money was donated to that latter title, because they want millions of dollars to make Transverse happen.

It might just be me, but seeing a massive red PLEDGE button the minute I open a website is a bit off-putting. For Piranha to add, um, ‘space flight’ to this space game is going to cost $1,000,000 of your US earth dollars. If you want to be able to put extra bits of customisation on your ship, that’ll be the $1.5 million USD mark please. At $2.0 million USD, space ships will actually be able to fight one another. I’m not making that up.

This all seems a touch on the ambitious side, considering the present anger and unrest in the Mechwarrior Online community about how that previous Piranha crowdfunding effort (based on selling Founder Packs) panned out.

I mean you can read a list of what features Transverse is supposed have over on this page, which also details a few classes like Miner, Explorer and the like, but until the money is ponied up none of that is actually going to happen. I’m aware that probably sounds cynical but, well … I’m a bit skeptical about how similar all of this looks to the Star Citizen model.

Incidentally, it’s called Transverse because “Synthetic physical forms allow humans to pursue an existence in space and have opened the door to immortality.” Transhumanism, folks! Oh, and because the word transverse means travelling across something.

Update: Transverse could have been Wing Commander Online – Gamer doubts begin

Here’s a first trailer.

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    • https://www.twitch.tv/inkohip InkoHip

      What a ripoff, for a company that is not starting from scratch at their basement to not have any form of early alpha to showcase. Instead they spent time/money/effort into CGI and ask you to fund development of core game mechanics.

      Ugh i have no words.

    • https://www.twitch.tv/inkohip InkoHip

      Also what is the “reveal”. They built all this tension and hype to present an IDEA they want to make?

      Man … WE REVEAL… IF YOU GIVE US 3m $$ we will make a video game.

      I am just amazed, its companies like these that give a bad name to the whole kickstarter idea.

    • Paul Younger

      Have to agree, this appears to be taking crowdfunding to the taking the piss level. Disappointing to see this is how it’s being handled and hopefully the gaming community will put their funds elsewhere.

    • https://profiles.google.com/117897605725209577495 Galaxy Bluestar

      Don’t put money into this

      PGI have strung up the battletech community with an unfinished buggy arena shooter whilst claiming to have been building a persistent universe, economy, factional and territorial driven community warfare since 2012, little of which has been made.

      They’ve lied to their customers for years about feature production, some of which were directly charged for like loyalty points. For years they have not delivered. All while they continually push for cash packs more ludicrous than the last. $500 skins for units, these mechs, which the CEO admitted win 90% of the time. Only when they become free do/will they balance them.

      For citing these points they have gone crazy with moderation from facebook and twitter feeds to any comment made on 3rd party websites. Now blatantly leaching off the curtails of starcitzen the ship designs are so much a like it’s tantamount to plagiarism. Transverse also has clauses where they can cancel the product at anytime whilst they’ve started a founders for it.

      Stay away from Russ Bullock and Bryan Ekman products!

    • Tom

      Hello all, just found this site and I am thrilled to have another PC news/discussion site available to me. A lot of sites have let me down lately.

      As for the discussion I find it interesting now that PGI is claiming that they had the idea to create the next space sim like Star Citizen first, but felt they had to abandon the Wing Commander license from EA because of Chris Robert’s game. I’m not sure if this is possible because I’m pretty certain Chris Roberts and the other developers approached EA first to try to get the wing commander IP.

    • Steve

      >Oh, and because the word transverse means travelling across something.

      Er, no. That word is “traverse”.