For $3 million maybe you can look like one of these people, I don’t know.

Piranha Games’ trailed sci-fi project has turned out to be Transverse, which looks as if it’s intended to be an online, open-universe space exploration and combat type title. Think Elite: Dangerous or Star Citizen. In fact, Piranha would definitely like you to be thinking about how much money was donated to that latter title, because they want millions of dollars to make Transverse happen.

It might just be me, but seeing a massive red PLEDGE button the minute I open a website is a bit off-putting. For Piranha to add, um, ‘space flight’ to this space game is going to cost $1,000,000 of your US earth dollars. If you want to be able to put extra bits of customisation on your ship, that’ll be the $1.5 million USD mark please. At $2.0 million USD, space ships will actually be able to fight one another. I’m not making that up.

This all seems a touch on the ambitious side, considering the present anger and unrest in the Mechwarrior Online community about how that previous Piranha crowdfunding effort (based on selling Founder Packs) panned out.

I mean you can read a list of what features Transverse is supposed have over on this page, which also details a few classes like Miner, Explorer and the like, but until the money is ponied up none of that is actually going to happen. I’m aware that probably sounds cynical but, well … I’m a bit skeptical about how similar all of this looks to the Star Citizen model.

Incidentally, it’s called Transverse because “Synthetic physical forms allow humans to pursue an existence in space and have opened the door to immortality.” Transhumanism, folks! Oh, and because the word transverse means travelling across something.

Update: Transverse could have been Wing Commander Online – Gamer doubts begin

Here’s a first trailer.

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