Treat the Heavy: Surgeon Simulator 2013 meets Team Fortress 2



In an act of wonderful crossover madness, Surgeon Simulator 2013 will be colliding with Team Fortress 2 in a new (and gloriously free) update to the popular spleen-slicing sim. Main characters Nigel and Bob will be replaced with TF2’s iconic Medic and Heavy. This is quite bad news for the Heavy, as it means he’ll be the one getting operated on.

The update should appear on Steam around 10am (Pacific) / 6pm (BST) and apply itself to the game automatically.

Surgeon Simulator 2013 has done rather well for itself after its initial creation by Bossa Studios at a 48 hour ‘game jam’ session. It’s claimed that over one million ‘Let’s Play’ style videos from the title have been uploaded to youtube (one of which is mine!,) with combined viewage numbers of 70 million. People, it seems, love to watch other people mess up complicated surgical procedures.  … wait, I think I’ve just had an idea about how to solve the NHS funding problem.

If you don’t own the game yet and fancy doing so, it’s $10 USD on Steam.