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If you thought Hi-Rez Studios were done with Tribes Ascend, think again. Today they are launching a major update to the free to play shooter that fans of the original games might just approve of.

Hi-Rez studios appear to be on a roll at the moment and today’s update to Tribes Ascend is huge for fans of the series. Over the past few months they have been testing changes  on a test server and today they released the v1.1 patch notes before pushing it live today.

The most notable change comes with news that “all in-game purchases have been reverted and all Tribes Gold and XP refunded” to players’ accounts. This means everything will be unlocked by default removing any pay to win element.

The second big change, and it’s one that fans of the original games will likely approve of, is that the nine classes have been reduced to three and are now simply classes as Light, Medium and Heavy, each with nine load-out slots. Previously there were 3 Light, 3 Medium and 3 Heavy classes.

This update will also bring three new CTF maps, vehicles have been given a major revamp to make them more viable in combat, numerous exploits and cheats have been fixed and much more.

Back in July 2013 Hi-Rez announced they would be stalling support and development for the game to concentrate on SMITE.

Tribes is a hugely popular franchise and if Hi-Rez continue to tweak and polish Tribes Ascend following this patch it could have a bright future. If you’ve not tried it for a while then I suggest giving this version go once the patch goes live.

The full patch notes can be read on this page and a Google doc showing how all the weapon stats have been changed is available if you want to crunch some numbers ahead of the patch release.

The server update process will start at today at 10:00 AM EST (5:00 PM CEST) and last for around six hours. Get those Spinfusors ready.

You can join the action for free by signing up via the website.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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