Archetype Studios launched their Kickstarter for a new Tribes-like game called Midair back in May 2016 before moving it to Early Access in August 2017.

Today they have announced the game will finally fully release on 3 May and it’s also going to be free to play. There are still updates to come for Early Access players ahead of launch.

I took a look at Midair last August and it was still a little rough but it showed some real promise and the fact that it’s going free to play is good news for everyone. Archetype also issued a note for current players encouraging as many as possible to get in and play prior to release to help test new features that are still to be added.

Midair has come a long way from its Kickstarter campaign, and in two weeks we’ll be releasing it to the world as a free-to-play title! We’re hard at work adding as many features, quality of life improvements, and bug fixes as we can to get the game to its v1.0 state. You’ll likely see a couple builds between now and then with the first including many of the major features we need for release, and a second focusing primarily on bug fixing.

This is a big moment for Midair and you all as well. You’re here now because you’ve supported us in the ways that you can and it’s been a big help. This is the time where we need a big push from all of you to get as many players as you can in and playing for release. We’ll be pushing hard as well to get the word out and we’re also working on ways to reward you for your help, so keep an eye on the blog for more details.

Keep an eye on the Steam page for updates and don’t forget to check it out at the start of next month.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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