Trine 2, Co-Op Footage

Atlus has magically summoned a fresh Trine 2 trailer, which briefly exhibits some of the co-op play possible in the sequel.
Both online and offline co-op will be available, with the online version being drop-in/drop-out in nature. As usual, offline co-op will be punching-your-friends-when-they-screw-up based. The video shows such handy things as the Knight using his shield to cover the Wizard and Thief, but what it doesn’t show is the Knight mistiming his shield, getting everybody killed and then being yelled at.
The main trio will be returning for Trine 2, with their old abilities tweaked and some new ones promised. The game is due for a 2011 release on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
Click below for the video.

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