Trine 4 Toby's Dream Dlc

The adventure that Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince provides is really a good one. But there’s nothing like extending it even further, especially when it’s free. Today, Modus Games announced that it has offered a new DLC pack for the hit side-scrolling adventure game. With it, players will be able to experience Toby’s Dream, simply by adding it to their library and updating the game.

What is Toby’s Dream all about?

The game follows Toby the dog, who previously appeared in another game from the development team at FrozenByte, Nine Parchments. Players will jump into his dreams in Heatherwood Hall, coming across a series of new challenges to overcome. You’ll assist Toby with finding special treats scattered throughout his home, so he’ll be happily fed.

There is a prerequisite that has to be met before you experience the adventure, though. You’ll need to make enough progress within the game to complete the Prince’s Dream level. Once you do that, however, you can jump into the dream with ease.

This content is free not only to players that bought The Nightmare Prince, but also the Trine: Ultimate Collection, which includes the latest game. It’s easy to find — just scroll down to where additional content is located, and then add it to your library.

The trailer below provides a fun look as to what awaits in this dream world. Granted, the idea of picking up doggie bones and other items related to a dog may be a bit odd for players. But the new challenges present here should still be loads of fun for fans of the game.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince is available now, either in standalone form or as part of the Trine Collection. You can buy just this game on Steam or, for a few dollars more, take advantage of the full collection!

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