Trine Hits UK Stores

Nobilis has announced Trine’s launch onto UK store shelves.The physics-based platformer binds three characters – a knight, a wizard, and a thief – together through a magical artefact called the Trine, and as they try to find a way to separate themselves from it the trio encounter more undead than you can shake a bone at as well as 16 sumptuous locations.It’s all about using the abilities of the three heroes in concert, with the wizard capable of creating platforms and bridges, and using telekinesis to move objects around, while the thief swings about on a grappling hook and the knight hits things, smashes things, and throws things. Whether you do this in local co-op play or by yourself is up to you.Anyway, it’s really quite good, and now you can buy it in stores. Keep your eyes open, and check out our review.