In this line of work, you sometimes get press releases about games that you have never played or even really seen in action. So it is with ArcheAge, a South Korean MMO created by Jake Song (Lineage) that opened its doors in Korea on 16 January. That’s not a condemnation or a recommendation, it’s just the sum total of what I’ve learned about ArcheAge.

    Trion is obviously impressed with it though, as they’ve agreed to publish the game in North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand and host it on their ‘Red Door’ server platform.

    “We are confident partnering with Trion will help bring ArcheAge a successful game that satisfies audience both in East and West,” says Jake Song.

    Trion sound pleased with the arrangement too, with CEO Lars Buttler commenting, “We are very proud of the catalog of world-class games we will be offering through Red Door. Now, with ArcheAge, we are bringing the best in Asia onto our platform.”

    ArcheAge is a fantasy sandbox MMO that claims to remove the restrictions that other titles in the genre fall foul of.  After choosing which of the two starting continents to begin on, “everything else is up to the player, from what character they play, to where they go, and why.”

    Peter Parrish

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